Turning lost hope into smiles
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To be a leading honest charitable foundation for the destitutes in the communities across the world through voluntary membership and         sharing little contributions

WELCOME : This is our perspective

1. Fund education for the bright, hopeless and desperate youth
2. Promote philanthropic/ charitable ideologies 

     among the youth
​3.Develop an Alumni Foundation where all  beneficiaries 

      become contributors to support others
4. Inform the youth on contemporary matters in the society
       such as health education, entrepreneuriship and family

MOTTO: Enough to give is never enough​

So we say: 
Let us share the little, it will grow much returns tomorrow
Our little is someone's plenty



A group of individuals with philanthropic missions. Our missions started in focus on the disabled, orphans and destitutes who are so unfortunate that they cannot afford to go to school. We have been in the mission for over 7 years,  soliciting funds from our own contributions and selfless sharing to suport the unfortunate.Volunteers have been in forefront sharing their one cent, making cents into smiles of the needy.

WHAT WE HAVE DONE: Supported desparate children to rise up to their potential

Our belief:  IF WE WAIT TILL WE HAVE ENOUGH TO GIVE, WE WILL NEVER GIVE’. Enough to give is never enough.

Abraham Lincoln said: We cant help the poor by being one of them. So We would like to help the poor to help the poor.

Our vision is to realize an Alumni Foundation where those who have been supported will become part of the supporting team and the foundation will grow wide to reach to more destitutes, orphans and the disabled.

If this is duplicated, we will have a world free from ignorance, poverty, hunger, poor healthy and crime. Peace, love and prosperity will reign in the society. Don’t we all love to see a society like that?

So that is why we value friends like you. These desperate friends are hoping we listen to their cry,  see their needs and support their vision.

One cent shared grows to a school fees payment, another grows to uniform, another to a book, another to a pen, another to a pencil and another to an eraser. So lets share and be part of the joy of their joy.

Every time I wake up to a missed call of a needy person, it makes me feel God wants to use me to bring a smile to the needy' (DCO,2018)




We confess a philanthropic approach to our neighbouhood, community and friends. Our work focuses on helping the needy realize their dreams through formal Education, Health Education and service delivery to the unfortunate in the society such as the orphans, destitutes, people with disability and those with intent to spread the helping hands.

As a common team, we identify the needy in our neighbouhood and voluntarily share contributions to help. Anyone can identify and anyone can contribute. No limit, no global boundary. Friends deliver to neighbours.

As professionals from different fields, we came together and began making regular contributions that go into supporting our neighbours in destitute situations. Soon it grew into a larger foundation and eventually we became overwhelmed by the needs and demands of the society we served. Such realization led us into involving our friends to share little they could afford for funds to support the unfortunate. We have open membership and anybody can join and share.

The foundation has been in existence for over eight years and our sponsored beneficiaries are at various levels of education including Universities and colleges, High schools and several in elementary/primary school levels. We affiliate with several organizations with common goals.

WHY WE SHARE: It is a Religious Blessing to share


In the Christian Holy Bible, Proverbs 28: 27: 'Give to the poor and you will never be in need...'

Quran 107: 2- 'Have you seen the one who rejects religion? That is the one who drives away the orphans and urges not the feeding of the poor'.  

 Hindu, Dana (giving) is an important part of one's Dharma (Religious duty). In the Hindu holy book, Bhagavad Gita 17:20 states: 'Charity given to a worth person simply because it is right to give, without consideration of anything in return, at the proper time and in the proper place is stated to be in the mode of goodness.'

        Making others smile is why we need you to join us.
                            Many have joined, you can too


       Do you cherish making a needy person happy?

      Can you identify a needy, disabled or desperate child in your local                      neighbouhood?
      Will you be willing to advise on how to make a needy child happy?

      Will you be willing to join the rest of the willing team in bringing a smile            to the needy child?

      If any one of the answers was YES, please fill your feedback form below.



254713176206​:  Board Chair
254725999468: Project Director
254723722450: Communcations Director

(See section on the Team members)

Email: [email protected]
P.O BOX 7203, 
00100 GPO,


Registered under the NGO Coordination
Board, Kenya

Listed as a trusted Charity by CSR Kenya on

Initially Branded as Cosmopolitan Community Hope Health Initiatives

In Existence since 1999.